How to: Open your Thndr trading account

The first step towards trading on Thndr is to fill in your account opening form and submitting your documents for verification. This article is made to help you through this process.

In order to complete your form, you’ll need to upload your documents. Here’s a little guide to help make sure you complete submit your documents successfully.

Document needed

  • National ID 
    • Make sure your document is not expired 

Tips for uploading your document

  • Make sure the image you upload is of the whole document  (no parts out of frame)
    • One image for the front of your National ID   
    • Another image for the back of your National ID 
  • Make sure the image uploaded has no glare
  • Make sure all the information on your document is clear, no parts are broken and all information is clearly visible

Now that you’ve uploaded your documents successfully just follow the instructions for your liveness check. 

They should look something like this.

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