Week ending October 11, 2020

The 50 richest Americans are now worth as much as half of the US population.

Week ending October 4, 2020

Mayar Sherif becomes first Egyptian woman to compete in a Grand Slam main draw #RolandGarros

Week ending September 25, 2020

Leaked documents referred to as FinCEN files tie the Wall Street banks to possible money laundering transactions that top USD 2 trillion and span the globe from Interpol wanted Kazakh reporters to Kremlin and Iran linked families

Week ending September 18, 2020

More monopoly money is printed in a given year than money in the entire world.

Week ending September 11, 2020

US debt will exceed the size of the economy for the 1st time since WWII

Week ending September 4, 2020

Zoom’s CEO net worth jumped USD 6.6B in just 24 hrs after the company announced a 355% increase in revenue Y-o-Y. 

Week ending August 28, 2020

In the biggest reshuffling in 7 years, Exxon Mobil and Pfizer have been kicked out of the Dow Jones making way for technology companies like Salesforce, and Honeywell. This is a testament to how times are changing with commodity companies falling and tech rising.

Week ending August 22, 2020

After plunging 34% from its Feb. peak, the S&P 500 now soars over 50% wiping out all COVID related losses. 

Week Ending August 14, 2020

UK enters first recession since 2009 as GDP tumbles by 20.4% due coronavirus lockdowns!

Week Ending August 7, 2020

With cameras and film slowly fading out of the digital world; Kodak’s shares rose by almost 1,500% after pivoting into drug making and securing a USD 765M loan from the US government. 

Week Ending July 31, 2020

Orascom Investment Holding (OIH) splits into two different companies

Week Ending July 24, 2020

With more orange juice on every breakfast table due to COVID 19 and the misguided desire for Vitamin C; The commodities future surged by more than 20%.

Week Ending July 17, 2020

AAIB becomes second largest shareholder in Palm Hills Developments

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