Thndr launches factor based investment picks

May 17, 2021

EGX 30: (10,767), weekly change (+1.7%), YTD (-0.7%)
Traded Value 1W Avg: EGP 299M , (-39.9%) below 90D Avg.  
EGP:USD: 15.71(+0.3%) weekly change 

Local Pick-ups

Thndr launches factor based investment picks

Thndr launches an investment approach to picking stocks based on a factor investing strategy. Factor investing chooses securities based on attributes that are associated with higher returns. The methodology was developed in collaboration with Hany Genena – CFA, a veteran researcher and instructor at the American University in Cairo.

Telecom Egypt partners with Juniper Networks to upgrade its network capacity

Juniper Networks announced that it has been selected to design and deploy a significant network capacity expansion and upgrade for Telecom Egypt across its national infrastructure, serving a customer base of 9.8M for fixed line services, 6.9M for broadband and 7.3M for mobile. (Businesswire)

Cleopatra Hospital will not acquire Alameda Healthcare

After nearly five months of declaring the acquisition , Cleopatra Hospital announced that the sale & purchase agreement to purchase Alameda Healthcare has been terminated and allthe negotiations have ended. (Enterprise)

Other Local Headlines

  • Urban Inflation fell to 4.1% in April compared to 4.5% in March

Global Pick-up

Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin payments

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced Tesla inc. will no longer accept Bitcoin as payments for its cars. Musk said the decision is due to the environmental impact of bitcoin mining. The company will not sell its Bitcoin but will transact only when crypto mining transitions to sustainable energy. The bitcoin price has lost more than 20% over the last seven days, dragging down the wider crypto market. (Robinhood Snacks)

Featured Opportunity

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Egypt is an award-winning bank that started its operations after the acquisition of the National Bank for Development (NBD) in 2007 by a consortium between Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Emirates International Investment Company. The bank has the highest factor-based score of 4.51 for May 2021 picks.

Word of the week – Market index

Market index is a hypothetical portfolio of investment securities that represent a segment of the financial market(s). Investors use indices to get an idea of the general movements of a particular market(s), industry, or company size. In Egypt, the main index used is EGX 30.

Book of the week – Thinking like a rocket scientist

We view rocket science as an example of an impossible to understand subject and that rocket scientists are geniuses. This book, written by a former scientist at NASA explains the thinking methods rocket scientists use to solve the most complex problems they face. The book will help you develop your thought process and problem solving skills.

Earnings Call:

  • Telecom Egypt reports EGP 2B net profits in Q1 202, a 62% YoY increase.
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic bank reports EGP 328M net profits in Q1 2021, a 43% YoY increase.
  • Orascom Development Egypt reports EGP 409M in Q1 2021, a 321% YoY increase.
  • Al Baraka Bank reports EGP 269M net profits in Q1 2021, a 1.9% YoY increase.
  • Edita food industries reports EGP 103.4M net profits in Q1 2021, a 23% YoY increase.